About Us

About E'lla Beaute`

Christian Cosmetics Company- E'lla Beauté is a full line of professional quality cosmetics for your beauty needs. We are always comparing our products to other brands in the industry, in order to maintain the highest quality necessary. Not only do we feel very strongly that you will be impressed by our products, but we make sure that all shapes, all sizes, all ages, all races, and all genders, are pleased and satisfied with our product. We invite you to try them and feel free to give us your feedback. :)

 * Please note that none of our products have been or will ever be tested on animals, as they are cruelty free and vegan (with the exception of some products that contain beeswax or lanolin). 

Who is E'lla Webber? 

Hard working Ceo, a loving wife, and a mother of 6.

"I've never allowed anyone to steal my joy, destroy my health and beauty, nor demolish my love, which was given to me from the Lord Himself. There may be times that I change my look (that's with or without makeup), but I assure you that my God-given confidence still remains!"